We believe that fragrances are a mode of transportation. It’s our commitment to provide you with an unexpected escape.


Hi, my name is Alyssa Johnson and I am a lifetime lover of fragrances and candles!

 Founding member Alyssa Johnson


I've always been intrigued by smell, but I really started to geek out over fragrances when I was in college. As I was learning how smell effects the brain, I realized that scent was my calling. After graduating from UC Berkeley, I decided to combine my knowledge and love of fragrances to create candles that not only triggered memories, but also created new ones.


In 2019, I began experimenting with various fragrances, waxes, and wicks. By early 2020, things had grown so quickly that my boyfriend, Eddie Gutierrez and I decided to partner to create Remnscent. 


In my early experimenting, I focused on creating a candle that would:

  • Burn longer
  • Be free of toxins
  • Contain ethically sourced materials


      But most importantly, I wanted it to smell amazing and transform your space each time you put the flame to the wick.


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